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Your Aquarium and You:  Health Benefits Too!

Family Health

Have you ever been fascinated by nature?

Have you ever suffered from stress, high blood pressure or tension?

Then you should have your own naturally soothing SKY FISH aquarium or pond.

"Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Interaction of Animals and Society found that if you sit quietly and look at fish swimming in an aquarium, your blood pressure will drop as much as if you were meditating or practicing biofeedback techniques."
     - Family Health

"Next time you feel your blood pressure rising, try staring at an aquarium."
     - Psychology Today

"A West Side Milwaukee attorney said, "A lot of people aren't comfortable in lawyer's offices. I think the aquariums have a soothing effect."
     - Business Journal

"Aquariums are soothing with their bubbling and soft motion. Doctors who deploy them in their waiting rooms claim they lower blood pressure."
     - Esquire Magazine

"Ten million Americans who own aquariums may have a health resource right in their own home."
     - Family Health


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