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Your Sky Fish Aquarium

Your Sky Fish aquarium will be unique to you personality and your needs. There are several types of aquariums to choose from. This includes:

African cichlids – fish from lakes Tanganika, Victoria, and Malawi in Africa. Some of the most vibrant colored fresh water/ brackish fish available to the aquarium hobby. Fairly hardy and propogate fairly readily in captivity.

Fresh water tank - freshwater tropical fish are hardy, undemanding, and well-suited for the beginning hobbyist. These fish prefer to be in schools of at least six fish. Top choices for this tank would include cichlids, hardy cyprinids, vivid colored tetras, swordfish, angelfish and loaches, and dwarf plecos.

Fish only with live rock – a salt water display tank with a hint of a coral reef where the fish inhabitants are the focus of the system.

Reef tanks – Our focus is on the hard and soft corals that are traditionally found on the coral reefs of the world. Reef tanks bring a slice of the ocean to your living room.  Strikingly beautiful, and significantly time intensive to maintain successfully.

Goldfish displays – whether they be shubunkin, ryukin, lion heads, orandas or koi, goldfish are traditionally graceful and known to bring good luck and fortune in many cultures.

Installation and Maintenance 

At Sky Fish Ponds and Aquariums, experience has shown us that the secret to a successful aquarium is in the installation and maintenance regimen which follows. Many new innovations are making fish keeping easier. Let our experience  and knowledge of these products guide you to the best way to provie a natural ecosystem for any of your aquatic pets. Allow us to cater to you with the most reliable time-tested products and maintenance service available. Licensed and insured, we have a staff of caring employees -- and we are only a phone call away and await to fulfill your needs.  

We carry a full line of aquarium and pond supplies. Water testing and tank health consultations are part of our comprehensive maintenance packages. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maintenance packages to suit the needs of every client, and every aquarium. We know first-hand that bi-weekly programs can result in fish living for more than a decade! 

We also do renovations and upgrading of existing systems, relocation (room to room, or city to city), acrylic scratch removal,  test parameter worksheets, and provide vacation fish-sitter services.

Nature's Connection 

Have you ever been fascinated by nature? Have you ever suffered from stress, high blood pressure, or tension? Then you should have your own naturally soothing Sky Fish aquarium. Experts agree....

We are passionate about our aquariums, and the finned friends who inhabit them. Please take a moment to visit our online gallery to see some of our recent projects.

Then contact us today so we can bring your vision to life.

Did You Know...

Your aquarium can provide hours of relaxation and enjoyment for the entire family.

But did you know that documented research has proven that an aquarium can have a positive affect on the physical health of your family?

Learn more...

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