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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

How often does maintenance have to be done?
Ponds require opening and closing for each season. You can run them thru the winter, but experience has proven that less likelihood of mishaps if you shut down for the winter. A good pond installation will establish a completely balanced ecological system that in turn will require little maintenance. Aquariums, on the other hand… the more frequent, the better for your fish.  Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on-call and emergency services available.

How long do the fish live?
With proper filtration and installation, and a regimined maintenance program, your fish can live as long as 20+ years.  The smaller the fish, the less the natural life expectancy.

What is the most desired type of aquarium?
Salt water aquariums, because of the vibrant colors and vast variety available.

Do you recommend adding in new fish on a regular basis?
No, we do not. Once a tank has been established, and the tank is fully stocked, you should not have to add any fish for years to come.

What is the initial set-up costs involved in setting up an aquarium?
Although this is not etched in stone, and due the vast variety of systems available, prices will vary. As a general ballpark, you can expect to pay $15 - $25 per gallon fresh water and cichlids, and anywhere between $35 - $55 per gallon for salt water set-ups.  Custom aquariums can be more.

What are the different types of aquariums?
There are several different types of aquariums. This includes:

  • African cichlids
  • Fresh Water tank
  • Fish only with live rock
  • Reef tanks
  • Goldfish displays

What other services do you provide?
We also do renovations and upgrading of existing systems, relocation (room to room, or city to city), acrylic scratch removal,  test parameter worksheets, vacation fish-sitters,

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